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A revolutionary approach to Java Application Development

Key Features


The application editor is used to set application properties, design the layout of your application, add bespoke renderers, define application menus and set visual attributes


You can create referenced blocks and LOV Definitions and Object Groups within their own specifically designed editors and then reference them within your forms. Design once, use everywhere


The forms editor is a very powerful editor and is the main editor that you use when building your application. The editor includes, previewers, property sections, wizards and access to all of your application components


Change the look and feel of your application widgets using the application css theme file as well as using the EntireJ Visual Attributes


Generate database services and pojos using EntireJ’s powerful service generation wizards


You are not limited to the EntireJ default renderers. EntireJ enables you to build and seamlessly integrate your own renderers into EntireJ

Six reasons why you should be using EntireJ Forms

One Editor for Multiple client Frameworks

Generate database services and pojos using EntireJ’s powerful service

generation wizards

Dramatically reduced development effort

The EntireJ forms editor is used to construct your entire GUI. Java development is used primarily for business logic, therefore you are concentrating on the business logic instead of complicated GUI code

No need to learn different client frameworks

EntireJ shields developers from complicated client technologies. You develop in Java and let EntireJ handle the GUI code

Separate the client from the business logic

EntireJ follows a strict model view controller pattern to ensure full decoupling from application GUI’s and the business logic


If your application requires a renderer that is not present in EntireJ, it can be built and integrated seamlessly into the EntireJ development environment

Support from the Source

Our developers are our support team. All developers are active project and EntireJ developers. They know EntireJ inside out and how it should be used within projects

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