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Application Editor

Properties Editor

The EntireJ Properties are split into 4 sections:

  • Application Properties

  • Form Packages

  • Application Level Parameters

  • Client Framework Properties

Each section contains properties for EntireJ to function correctly. This includes, but is not limited to

  • The Application Level Properties

  • The storage location of the applications Form files

  • Properties that are dependent on the Client Framework that is chosen for the application

  • Connection Factory class name (Used for access the applications database)

  • Translator Class Name (Used to translate all texts and messages if this is required for the application

Application Layout Editor

The Application Layout Editor is used to design the layout of the entire application. This includes:

  • Landing Page

  • Menus

  • Toolbars

  • Status Bars

The ability to design the application in such a way is totally unique to EntireJ and adds more powerful flexibility to your application

Application Renderers

Due to the total separation from the EntireJ Core and the Client Framework, each visible part of the application is created as Renderers. There are renderers or various parts of an application:

  • Form Renderer

  • Block Renderer

  • Item Renderer

  • LOV Renderer

  • Component Renderer


These renderers are all developed and integrated into EntireJ as separate objects. EntireJ contains a rich set of Renderers ready to build your application, however, if you need something special, it can be developed and integrated just by adding the class here. This adds to EntireJ’s flexibility and extendability providing you the opportunity to extend the development environment to suit your needs.

Application Menu Editor

Due to the extendability of EntireJ, most projects will implement their own Block Renderer for their application menu, however, there is also the possibility to create a component renderer and have it use the menu definitions defined within this editor. Of course, you can always use one of the built in menu’s or toolbars which are based on these menu definition of your choice.

Visual Attributes

Visual Attributes contain font names, sizes and colours that can be assigned to different renderers throughout your application. An application developer has the possibility to assign Visual Attributes to renderers within the Form Editor or dynamically within the forms action processors.

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