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Create powerful yet flexible reports

Key Features

Powerful GUI Editor

The reports editor is a powerful editor and allows you to create sophisticated reports without any hastle

Multiple Outputs

EntireJ Reports use a combination of POI and Jasper and chooses the best one for the desired output

Dynamic Styling


Visual Attributes provide a centralised style management that can be used to assign fonts, colors and styles to items and columns dynamically at row level

Dynamically Change Content

EntireJ allows you to hide and show items, columns and even entire blocks dynamically at runtime

Multiple Layout Types

Choose between Form Layouts, Table Layouts or Chart Layouts

Service Generators

All code for database interaction can be generated directly from the EntireJ Reports Editor

Six reasons why you should be using EntireJ Reports

It's Easy

The learning curve of EntireJ Reports is much smaller than other report engines. EntireJ shields you from all the complexity and lets you create reports. Design, Develop, and Run. It is really as simple as that

Dramatically Reduces Development Effort

EntireJ Reports is a sophisticated reports tool which utilizes comlex report engines for report generation. EntireJ keeps things simple, provides all functionality but hides the complexity

Dynamic Reports With Action Processors

Dynamically interract with your reports at runtime through Action Processors. Execute code before a report runs, after it is completed, after each row is selected from the database or even before each item is displayed on the screen

Modular Data Access

Flexible data access via Block Services allows for simple use of multiple data sources. There are now no restrictions on where or how you get your data. Just write the data services and let EntireJ do the rest

POI Support


Generating very large excel reports can take a very long time. EntireJ provides a POI engine and data streaming for extremely large excel reports. Now such reports take seconds instead of minutes

Add easily to any Java project

Two simple Steps: Develop your EntireJ Reports project, and link to any Java project easily through project references then all you have to do is call the report runner and your report will run

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