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Service Generators

Service Generator Wizard

The interaction between an applications and a database is made via Block Services. They provide the data that is displayed to and manipulated by the users. To make life easier, EntireJ comes equipped with powerful service generators that accesses your database and generates services for:

  • DB Table

  • DB Selects

  • Custom

  • Oracle Packages using Oracle Types


The wizard will generate the necessary block service and the pojos which are used to retrieve data and share it with the application

Form Blocks

When an EntireJ Forms Block is created based upon a Block Service then EntireJ will generate Items based upon the attributes of the Block Service Pojo. These items can then be used to display on the different screens available for the block


Pojos (Plain Old Java Objects) are used as transfer objects between the block services and EntireJ. If the service is based on a database table, then the generated Pojo will contain an attribute for each table column. Each pojo holds a New Value and an Old Value which are then used when updating an exsting data record

Block Services

A Block Service is generated with four main methods

  • executeQuery

  • executeInsert

  • executeUpdate

  • executeDelete


These methods are required by the EntireJ core and are called automatically when the application requires.

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