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Forms Editor


The Forms Editor is split into three sections:

  • Forms Setup Tree

  • Properties Section

  • Form Previewer


The Forms Setup Tree contains all elements of your form and is there to help you navigate, add, modify and delete all elements of your form

The Properties Section displays properties for the current object that you have selected within the Forms Setup Tree


The Preview is a guide for you to see how your form will look when the application is running. The Preview is not an exact copy of the runtime form but a general representation of it. This is due to the various client framework that EntireJ supports

Form Blocks

Blocks are logical containers for Form Items and are the basic unit of information for an EntireJ Form. A form typically contains multiple blocks. Each contained block can be a stand alone block, or linked together using form relations which form a Master-Detail relationship between blocks.
Blocks come in two different styles, Single and Multi record. Single reocord blocks display one record at a time and the values are displayed using the items renderer; TextItem, NumberItem, CheckBox, ComboBox etc. Multi record blocks display more than one record at a time and come in the form of:

  • Table Renderer

  • Tree Renderer

  • Tree Table Renderer

  • HTML Table Renderer


You also have the possibility to mirror blocks. This great feature allows you to have multiple displays on the same set of data. so you have have a multi record block displaying order numbers, and a single record block showing details etc.

Block Items

Items are the user interface objects that display data to end users and allow them to interact with the application. Each item within an EntireJ Application has its own renderer. The renderers come in many forms:


  • Text Item

  • Number Item

  • Check Box

  • Combo Box

  • Button

  • etc…


Although item renders are only used on Single record blocks, the renderers do inform the multi record block how the data is displayed.

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