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It's simple

Concentrate on the business application- don’t get bogged down in GUI development. With our innovative and flexible editors, programmers can create GUI’s without writing any code. Bottom line: you won’t need to spend money hiring or training specialised GUI developers

It's versatile

EntireJ decouples the GUI from the business application: you can switch seamlessly from one GUI technology to another with little or no application alterations


It's Quick

Our 4GL development approach gives your team the power to immediately begin building robust applications. Our intuitive interface and effective capabilities mean GUI development is completed far more quickly than complex code. And that means a major reduction in programming time- plus massive savings when you minimize your maintenance time.


Create stunning applications using the EntireJ Forms Editors, Wizards, Generators


Add powerful report functionality to your application using EntireJ Reports

EntireJ is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for building highly scalable, enterprise-class applications

EntireJ positions itself as a 4GL development tool because whole business applications can be created using a few declarative elements without knowing the programming languages of the different client frameworks

EntireJ saves the entire GUI Definitions as technology-neutral XML file definitions which will then be used by the different client technologies. The client code will not be generated or compiled but rendered by the chosen client technology at run time. It is therefore possible to create desktop applications in JavaFX as well as web applications using RAP (Eclipse Remote Application Platform) and even native mobile applications for Android and iOS using a single development environment.

EntireJ uses a “Point & Click” approach to building GUI applications in that applications can be clicked together in the EntireJ Form Editor and the results will be immediately available within the Form Previewer. After using EntireJ for a short time, developers are able to click together highly complex applications in record time. Only minimal java knowledge is required so developers can concentrate their energy in solving the business problems of the application and not the technical ones.

Instead of developers tormenting themselves with the different GUI-Technologies which can be highly complex and are subjected to fast change cycles, EntireJ separates the business logic totally from the presentation logic. The “Gordian Knot” between business and presentation logic is basically sliced apart by EntireJ.

Although this separation is nothing new, EntireJ’s approach of integrating the RAD context of visual programming and interchangeable GUI technologies and the possibility to create enterprise java applications with only moderate java know-how is totally unique.


Event driven business logic

EntireJ fires events for all actions within the GUI. Action Processors are used as an API between your business code and EntireJ events



Use EntireJ’s Eclipse based plugin and you’ll be able to build applications within your favorite IDE. Make your life easier: rely upon EntireJ’s suite of editors, wizards and generators. No complicated programming languages. No code generators


Language Support

EntireJ’s application translator facilitates building multilingual applications. Whenever text is displayed to your users, it calls up our application translator. Convert the text to the language of your choice. events



You can extend all functionality of the GUI frameworks. Not only can you create your GUI elements, EntireJ assures you that they’ll be flawlessly integrated.



The look and feel of your Client Frameworks can be easily configured using CSS files


Service Oriented

All forms and blocks are attached to the datasource via data services allowing data to be retrieved from any source; Database, Files, Web Services...

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