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Concentrate the development efforts of you developers on business problems and not technical ones

Often, managers need to make a choice between keeping existing technologies and developers because of their experience and business knowledge or to have a young and dynamic team that is on the edge of technology but lacks the all-important business knowledge. With EntireJ you no longer need to choose. Your existing team, even without the technical knowledge, can now build state of the art, enterprise scale, java applications

Keep up with technology

Most re-writes of applications are not due to the applications business logic no longer doing what it should, but the fact that the client technology of the application is outdated or de-supported. EntireJ applications do not have this problem. When a new client technology is available, EntireJ developers will provide you a new Client Framework and allow you to move from your existing front end to the new one with no or only minor changes to your existing business logic

Save Time and Money

Building a complicated enterprise scale application requires experts in the new presentation technologies as well as expert business developers. Often, more than 60% of project time is wasted writing, debugging and testing GUI code. By using EntireJ’s unique 4GL approach to java application development, you can drastically slice this time and concentrate project efforts on solving business problems not technical ones. Application code that can take weeks to build manually can take hours or even minutes with EntireJ

Simplify Maintenance

Unfortunately maintenance is often forgotten when designing new applications however often applications are written within a year and maintained for ten more. Because creating applications in EntireJ is so simple, so is the maintenance. For example, adding new fields to screens, setting mandatory items, adding new validation to items, new query criteria to forms is done in minutes and can be done by anyone that knows EntireJ

Unify Efforts

Often, development teams are split into the technical and business developers. Technical developers are responsible for writing the GUI code and the business developers write the business logic. When using EntireJ there is no requirement to separate the technical from the business developers, anybody can build the new Web Version of your application or a mobile version, not just the technical developers

You are not alone

If you need help getting your project members trained, your projects kick started or require help during project development, EntireJ developers are here to help. We offer experienced developers for on or offshore development, training and consultancy

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