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Am I restricted to the renderers EntireJ provides?

No! You can create your own Form, Block, Item, LOV and Application Renderers. Basically you can create new visual renderers for any part of your application and have it imbeded seamlessly within EntireJ and the EntireJ Editors. If you are extremely ambitious, you can even create a whole new Client Framework

We have an existing service backend for all data retrieval and manipulation, is this a problem?

No! EntireJ uses block services for all data manipulation operations. Whenever the user requests new data, makes data modifications, inserts new data or deletes data, EntireJ will send messages to the blocks service for execution. From here, you can then call your service backend to execute the given operation

Why use EntireJ and not another tool?

There are indeed various libraries and tools, that, if all put together and then linked into a great editor, would do what EntireJ does. However, don’t underestimate the efforts involved in writing this yourselves. Not only does EntireJ provide a total solution for your requirements but you are also able to extend it to cover anything that you may like, above and beyond what EntireJ offers. If you prefer a code generator that forces you to add your business logic into complicated generated GUI code then we won’t stop you, just remember that you are integrating your businesss logic into the give GUI technology and this makes it difficult when you want to switch to a different GUI technology

We use an Oracle Database but allow access only via stored procedures, is this a problem?

No! In fact, EntireJ was originally designed to work with an Oracle Database. EntireJ even has added support for Oracles Object and Collection types

Can we use Hybernate with EntireJ?

Yes. When you create an EntireJ project, you can automatically use the EntireJ Persistency Framework which is great for getting you up and running immediately and is really easy to use. If however you wish to use Hybernate or any other persistency framework then feel free. You will need to create a Connection Factory and assign that to your application and then implement your block services so that they call Hybernate and not the EntireJ Persistency Framework

Am I forced to use Eclipse?

Currently, EntireJ is available as an Eclipse Plugin. You will need Eclipse to be able to create EntireJ Forms and applications. You can however use any other editor for the creation of your business logic and services

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